September 21-23, 2015 in Palais des Congrès de Versailles, France
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Papers by Dr. Albert Benveniste:

Title: A systems engineering perspective for Modelica and the heritage of synchronous language
Authors: Dr. Albert Benveniste
Abstract: In the first part of my talk I shall develop a vision of the central role of Modelica in systems engineering. The Modrio project has recently developed a Requirements profile for Modelica and progresses have recently been made regarding the link between Modelica and safety analyses. I shall discuss how far, I think, one could go in these directions. I shall also draw directions toward using Modelica for system-wide monitoring and diagnosis. All of this calls for a rigorous understanding of Modelica, its execution semantics: paying attention to this will constitute the second part of my presentation. I shall describe the background from synchronous languages by emphasizing how sound compilation schemes can be formally derived and how some of the above mentioned uses in system engineering were performed with synchronous languages. I shall conclude by indicating how these techniques can be adapted to derive structural analyses for multi-mode DAE systems. Nonstandard analysis will be used to help for this.