September 21-23, 2015 in Palais des Congrès de Versailles, France
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Session 2D: Automotive Applications 1

Title: Model-based Development of a Holistic Thermal Management System for an Electric Car with a High Temperature Fuel Cell Range Extender
Authors: Torben Fischer, Florian Götz, Lars Fredrik Berg, Hans-Peter Kollmeier and Frank Gauterin
Links: Abstract, Full paper

Title: Predicting the Effect of Gearbox Preconditioning on Vehicle Efficiency
Authors: Romain Gillot, Alessandro Picarelli and Mike Dempsey
Links: Abstract, Full paper

Title: Model Based Development of Future Small Electric Vehicle by Modelica
Authors: Yutaka Hirano, Shintaro Inoue and Junya Ota
Links: Abstract, Full paper

Title: Modelling of Torque-Vectoring Drives for Electric Vehicles: a Case Study
Authors: Franciscus L. J. van der Linden and Jakub Tobolář
Links: Abstract, Full paper