September 21-23, 2015 in Palais des Congrès de Versailles, France
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xMOD is the key piece of the D2T suite of tools, software and equipment to achieve the complete powertrain validation across the V-cycle, using collaborative framework and workflow, system interoperability and know-how transfer; from MIL/SIL to the complete system test XIL and EoL tests.

xMOD is the most advanced co-simulation and heterogeneous model integration tool. Suitable for development phase of both Powertrain and ECU/TCU, it offers a powerful framework for MIL/SIL up to HIL development task using highly complex and heterogeneous models.

Thanks to unique numerical technologies, model complexity is able to be kept up to real-time execution. Able to manage standard interfaces like FMU, ACI, MCD3 and many more the tool can interconnect with calibration tools, application tools and other Automation system, providing unrivalled model execution and simulation capacities. This tool provides important cost savings on testing time and license fees. At our booth, we will demonstrate the abilities of xMOD through a demo.